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MessageSujet: [Revue de presse] Visite sur le tournage de New Moon (part 1 & 2) -   Sam 18 Juil - 1:11

'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' Set Visit - Day One

The Volturi meet Bella, a Robert Pattinson moment and more

By Gregory Ellwood

Having never read any of the "Twilight" books, it's sort of odd that I find myself in select company. I'm one of the few journalists who has had the opportunity to visit both the sets of "Twilight" and its highly anticipated sequel, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." And yes, "Twilight" fans, I don't take this responsibility lightly, but boy have times changed.

When I first visited the 'Twilight' set in 2008 while writing my former column for MSN (an offer a number of outlets were dumb to turn down) it was a much less dramatic affair. The trip consisted of just myself and a genre magazine reporter bused out to a small town outside Portland, Oregon where we had as close to a private visit as you can get. The scene I saw being filmed found Bella, after completing an evening literary escapade, being rescued from some thugs by Edward. That evening we talked (or perhaps hung out would be more appropriate) with Robert Pattinson outside his trailer for 45 minutes. As he casually smoked, we chatted about his band, some little movie he'd just done called "Little Ashes" and how he wasn't even sure he wanted to be an actor. Unless this writer ends up becoming the editor of Vanity Fair within the next few years, it's hard to imagine ever getting that much time with the global superstar ever again. And fair warning, that was one of the true disappointments of our journey to Vancouver to explore the "New Moon" set: R-Patz wouldn't chat with us. Yes, sad but true. And as for his lovely co-star Ms. Kristen Stewart? Shoot, she wouldn't talk on the set of the first "Twilight" when she was just that girl from "Into the Wild" (claims of needing to stay in character). Therefore, I didn't expect it this time around and it was a correct assumption. That said, the rest of the visit was pretty magnificent even if you were purposely going in blind like myself.

It was Thursday, May 7 and after arriving at the Vancouver studio for an afternoon "New Moon" visit, we entered the soundstage and immediately found one of the key scenes in the movie unfolding before us. While the interior of the set was completely closed off, the monitors revealed Edward (Pattinson), Bella (Stewart) Jane (Dakota Fanning), Alec ("Birth's" Cameron Bright) and Aro (Michael Sheen) acting out the first meeting between our human hero and those pesky Italian Volturi.

In almost completely black suit, with the only color on him coming froma gold necklace and with slicked back hair, Sheen deliciously pronounces, "Let's see if she's immune to all of us. Shall we Jane?"

A much more detailed description of the Volturi's hall will come in a few paragraphs, but it's not dark and dreary as you'd expect a vampire headquarters to be. As director Chris Weitz noted in an interview earlier this week, "The first thing I wanted to do was put them in a setting that wasn't Dracula's castle. I feel like that's been done. Instead, their headquarters is surprisingly light and crisp. And the characters that they play have a kind of a tactile reality to them in spite of how bizarre their situation is really."

Suddenly, it's time for a break to change camera angles, and much to the excitement of our posse, as they head to their trailers, Stewart and Pattinson walk right by us. They completely ignore us of course, but the moment certainly provided future dinner conversation. (Ah, how nice to be so forgettable after interviewing Stewart three times up close over the past year.)

While we couldn't see him in the set, one of the writers notices Jamie Campbell Bower, best known for his role in "Sweeney Todd," but will further be recognized as Casius for the next two films. Like Sheen, he's decked out in a suave black suit and his face is covered with white makeup to make him paler than he already is. It turns out we'll have a fun conversation with him on our second visit.

The break is a short one, however, and before we know it filming has resumed and once again Aro is the center of attention. Listening in to the video playback we hear the following dialogue as he descends down some steps:

"What a happy surprise! Bella is alive after all. Isn't that wonderful. I love a happy ending. They are so rare."

Pausing, he notes to Edward as he surveys Bella, "Her blood appeals to you so much. It makes me thirsty. How can you stand to be so close to her?"

Edward replies, "It's not without it's difficulties. But now you know everything, so get on with it."

"Fascinating," Aro says, "I'd love to see if you are an exception to my thoughts as well."

A dramatic moment as he tries to read Bella's mind. And then disgust as he realizes he can't. "Interesting. I see nothing."

What happens after that? Sorry fearless readers, another tease for Day Two's report.

The scenes is shot in a number of different ways including close ups on Sheen and a longer shot of almost all the actors on the stage. As we watch the different set ups and Sheen perform the dialogue at least ten different times we notice Ashley Green, who returns as Alice Cullen, sitting at the monitor speaking to none other than the brainchild of this whole world: Stephenie Meyer herself.

Taking a break in the action, we step outside in the drizzle to speak to screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. The writer is doing amazing double duty writing all three "Twilight" franchise screenplays and expanding he role as a co-executive producer and writer on the acclaimed TV series "Dexter." She admits adapting the second and third books has been a much more relaxing experience.

"I knew the mythology more intimately so I didn’t have to constantly question myself as much," Rosenberg says of writing "New Moon." "And I had a stronger communication with Stephanie to back me up on that. So it was a comfort level that, you know, I just felt like I could take some more risks in some ways and so I think what I learned from 'Twilight' is how to write serious and how to write what the tone is. I just felt comfortable in the world and I feel safer."

After a few hours, the production changed sound stages to shoot a completely different scene allowing us to explore the stunning set that was the Volturi Liar.

Completely enclosed and the masterwork of production designer David Brisbin ("The Day the Earth Stood Still"), the Liar looks as though it's made of white marble with an accent of green limestone creating borders through an authentic-looking Italian design. Three chairs sit on the top of a landing a few steps up from the Liar's floor. The middle one is Aro, but the black chairs all have lions heads at the end of each armrest. Additionally, the chair to the far left has a backing designed with an illustration of black vines and the chair to the right of Aro features thorns. There is a domed roof, partially of blue screen and six windows circling above the center of the hall.

The set actually expands with an outer hallway adjoining one half of the exterior of the hall. This walkway is older and uses a bone-colored fake marble or stone instead of the rich white marble of the interior hall. It also features fake statues, greenery and a seductively warmer enviornment before leading to the big brown doors of the Liar itself. There is also what one fellow writer described as the "reception area" from the book before you enter the hallway itself.

After soaking in the impressive set, we walked across the lot to a different stage where Pattinson was shooting a blue screen set up.

As many "Twiilight" fans are already aware, Edward is not in a large portion of the "New Moon" novel. Rosernberg and Weitz have come up a with a device for the popular Pattinson to stay on screen by having Edward's "shadow" or "voice" follow Bella through her own personal journey without her true love. This tracking shot that will composite Edward's image into a previously shot scene where Bella gets on a motorcycle with a stranger.

Pattinson wears a grey suit jacket and slacks with no tie and stands still as the camera slowly backs up to the instructions of both Weitz and the CG supervisor. He doesn't seem to say anything (we are on the other side of the camera track), but he looks crestfallen even at this distance. During a break, Rachelle Lefevre, who plays Victoria, introduces her niece to Pattinson who gives her a warm smile. He then segues to Weitz who is watching the playback of the shot mixed with the Bella image on a monitor.

Almost wishing, Pattinson says, "Hey, it's done! It's a wrap!"

"Nope. Gotta do it again. One more time," Weitz says.

While the takes continue, Lefevre spends some time chatting with us. She's back as Victoria, one of the vampires hunting Bella and looking for revenge after the death of her own beloved James (Cam Gigadent) in the first movie. While Pattinson and Stewart have spent most of their time recently on soundstages like the one we're on today, Lefevre has been almost exclusively in the woods doing stunts in the trees day after day. She admits it's not her favorite place to be.

"It’s scary for me because I don’t like heights so there’s a really interesting thing that happens which is that I am absolutely terrified when I’m up there and then they go okay, we’re rolling. And something happens and you’re like wow, I don’t know where I’m going to bring myself to jump from here—this freefall leap—and then they said “action” and you just do it," Lefevre says. "It’s just one of those things that happens to you, so as me I’m afraid and as Victoria I kind of just do what they tell me to do."

Lefevre was pretty close to finishing her work on "New Moon," but was looking forward to returning in the fall for "Eclipse," even if it meant succumbing to her fate in the book which results in her, um, loosing her head. In fact, it's a fate the fans continue to remind her of time and time again.

"I cannot tell you how many times I’ve signed the page where I lose my head," Lefevre says exhasperated. "'Really? This is the page you want me to sign?' It’s either that or the scene where we get introduced for the 1st time. So I’m always signing copies of 'Twilight' or 'Eclipse.' And at one point there was time when I knew the pages."

Before we know it, however, our time with Lefevre is up and Weitz is yelling "good. We're good. Let's move on to the next one."

It was only halfway through the cast and crew's day, but that was our cue to take our leave. Until the next day that is.

Look for Day Two's set visit tomorrow with a dramatic clearing of the set, an intense Volturi scene, some newcomers to the franchise and a hello from Stephenie Meyer herself.

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MessageSujet: Re: [Revue de presse] Visite sur le tournage de New Moon (part 1 & 2) -   Dim 19 Juil - 19:15


Visite du plateau de New Moon – Jour 1

By Gregory Ellwood

N'ayant jamais lu les livres ça me fait bizarre d'être là. Je suis un des rares journalistes à être allé voir le plateau de "Twilight" et "New Moon". Et oui je ne prend pas mes responsabilités à la légère mais au mon dieu comme les temps ont changé.

Lors de ma 1ère visite en 2008, nous n'étions que quelques journalistes dans la petite ville de Portland, Oregon, où nous avions eu une visite privée du tournage. La scène que j'avais vue alors était celle où Bella se faisait embêter par des gars et elle était sauvée par Edward. Cette nuit là nous avions parlé avec Robert Pattinson à l'extérieur de sa caravane pendant 45 minutes. Alors qu'il fumait, nous avions parlé de son groupe, d'un petit film qu'il venait de faire "Little Ashes" et du fait qu'il n'était pas sûr de vouloir être acteur. Maintenant cela est devenu impossible car il est devenu une super star. Et je dois vous dire que ce fut ma déception sur le plateau de Vancouver : R-Patz ne parlerait pas avec nous. Oui triste mais bien réel. Quand à Mlle Kristen Stewart ? Elle ne parlait pas sur "Twilight". Donc je ne m'attendais pas à ce que ce soit différent ici. Ceci dit à part cela la visite fut géniale et éblouissante.

Visite faite le 7 mai pendant le tournage d'une scène clé : dans les repère des Volturi.

Tout à coup c'est la pause pour les changements de caméra et Stewart et Pattinson passent devant nous pour aller à leur caravane. Ils nous ignorent complètement bien sûr.

La pause est de courte durée et le tournage recommence. Aro est le centre de toutes les attentions.

Profitant d'une nouvelle pause nous allons voir Melissa Rosenberg. Elle admet qu'écrire les scénarios de New Moon et d'Eclipse est plus relaxant que celui de Twilight.

Après quelques heures la production change de plateau et nous pouvons visiter le repère des Volturi.

(Description non traduite car déjà retranscrite dans d'autres articles. A part le marbr, il y a aussi de la verdure et une porte marron qui mène à la réception)

Après avoir quitté cet impressionnant lieu, nous passons devant différents plateau où Pattinson tourne devant un fond vert.

Edward sous forme d'hallucination

Pendant ce temps Rachelle Lefevre nous dit que elle a passé plus de temps à l'extérieur dans la forêt pour ses cascades. Elle dit que c'est l'endroit qu'elle préfère.

Elle nous parle de sa peur de la hauteur (traduit dans un autre article). Elle a presque fini sa partie sur New Moon mais attend avec impatience Eclipse même si cela signifie qu'elle perd la tête et que cet épisode cèle son destin : "Je ne peux pas vous dire le nombre de fois où j'ai dédicacé la page où je perd la tête" dit elle exaspérée. Soit je dédicace celle là ou celle de Twilight où on me présente.

Chris Weitz dit que c'est bon pour cette scène et qu'il faut passer à la suivante.

Voici donc notre 1ère journée et bientôt vous trouverez notre reportage sur la 2ème journée avec l'évacuation dramatique du plateau, une scène intense chez les Volturi et les nouveaux de la saga et un coucou de Stephenie elle même.

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MessageSujet: [Revue de presse] Visite sur le tournage de New Moon (part. 2) -   Lun 20 Juil - 16:44

The Twilight Saga: New Moon' Set Visit - Day Two

By Gregory Ellwood

After getting an up close view of the sets for "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" on day one, this writer's second day on the sequel's set didn't seem much different at first.

As we made our way into the soundstage, the film's principals were once again seen on the video monitors acting out more scenes from the initial Volturi meeting. And like a proud mother watching her children, series author Stephenie Meyer was front and center taking in every moment.

Some quick book backstory for those who haven't read up on this yet -- the Volturi are ancient vampires who form the most powerful coven (organization) in the "Twilight" world. They are lead by Aro (Michael Sheen) and include Jane (Dakota Fanning), Alec (Cameron Bright) and Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower) among their sinister flock. They would like the Cullens, including our hero Edward (Robert Pattinson), to join them, but instead have become embroiled in a dramatic rift between Edward and Bella (Kristen Stewart) in the new movie. They enter the story at the end of the "New Moon" and will be key players in the third picture, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" and beyond. Oh, and did we mention they really want Bella to turn into a vampire?

The first shot we witness this morning finds Pattinson on camera in a long brown robe with tan accents on his sleeve. He races to the camera, looks up, braces in pain and then falls to the floor. The second take he has more agony in his voice as he falls and we can hear director Chris Weitz saying, "Much, much better." The third attempt finds the camera panning back to reveal Bell at his side before he lunges toward what must be one of the Volturi (Jane we later discover) and falling to the ground.

After a few minutes, they change the angle of the camera and we see Jane -- in the same scene -- inflicting pain on Edward. Yes, she's the cause and she does it with little gesturing and without speaking a word. A powerful vampire indeed.

The production has a lot to get through today, so the shot then changes to a close up on Bella who is being held by Alec stopping her from racing to Edward's side.

"Please stop," Stewart says, "Don't hurt him."

At first, during rehearsal as the camera operator sets up the shot, Stewart says the lines comically with deadpan effect causing some snickers from the crew. But when the take is ready for real, she says it with the expected dramatic resolve. The coverage also expands to find Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) being allowed to race to Edward's side. She gesture's that he's "OK."

While Weitz talks to the actors on the set about the next shot, we take time to talk to newcomer Chrisopher Heyerdahl who plays Marcus, a member of the Volturi. The role is a huge break for the struggling British actor, but he seemed to be playing it cool. Intriguingly, he also revealed a flashback scene had been shot, including his character, Aro and Dr. Carlisle Cullen ("Nurse Jackie's" Peter Facinelli) that set up the "truce" between the two parties way back in the 18th Century. To the other writers on the visit, this seemed to be a scene they didn't expect would make the movie and were pretty psyched about it being included.

Then something rather odd happened. This journalist has been to more than 30 movie sets and had never experienced what occurred next. A man who I can only assume was the Assistant Director came out from the closed 360 Volturi hall and announced, "All guests clear the set." And that didn't mean Ms. Meyer, her companions or the Summit executives in front of the monitors, that meant us -- the press. So, without complaint we walked off the soundstage to be followed by an overly genial Wyck Godfrey, the film's producer we'd spoken with the day before, who, paraphrasing, remarked, "Sometimes things like that happen on a movie set."

Uh, sure they do. Not with press around.

This writer won't speculate on what caused our removal, but it certainly was odd. And yet while we were outside we had a chance to talk to the blunt Mr. Bower, who many will recognize from his role as the lovelorn Anthony in "Sweeney Todd." Bower, who also has the luck of appearing as Gellert Grindelwald in the two part"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," smoked a cigarette and was as jovial an interview subject as could be.

"As in the book, the Volturi play a small, but necessary part in this film," Bower told us. "They come much more into play in the fourth film. I’m playing Caius very angry and agitated with the world, I suppose. Just glaring looks. You’ll see as much as you read in the books."

Casius, much to Bower's chagrin, also doesn't have a power which accounts for some of his frustration. To find out more of Bower's thoughts on joining the "Twilight" franchise, click here to read a more indepth interview from our visit.

Happily though, our whole crew was soon allowed back on the set where we returned to our positions to watch more shooting. At this point -- and with her crew and some of the publicists out of the way, Meyer made a point of coming over to talk to us. We couldn't interview her formally (her handlers are actually smart to limit her press breaks), but she couldn't not say hello to us. She'd also admitted she visited all or our sites except for HitFix, but hopefully that has changed in the weeks since. (Are you there Stephenie? Have you gotten your fix?). We also discovered these was one of her few visits to the filming of "New Moon" and she had not been there for all of the production. Meyer also said she was very happy with Weitz's direction and was blown away by the Volutri hall set that was being used the days we were there.

Back on camera, Stewart/Bella is once again the center of attention. With Pattinson still on the ground in "pain" as Edward, she receipts her lines, "Stop! Stop! Try it on me! Just don't hurt him!"

There is a pause and then smiling she goes, "[expletive]. I just lost myself a little bit."

The crew's laughter showed little tension on the stage considering what had happened less than an hour before. However, Stewart finally gets it to Weitz's satisfaction a few takes later and they move on to the next shot.

Showing acting isn't always a glamorous life, our next take finds Pattinson once again on the ground (where's been on and off for at least two hours) writhing in pain as Alice looks up and says, "He's O.K." take after take. Eventually, Edward's pain is accurately captured and Pattinson is allowed to walk back to his trailer with his bare chest visible for all the ladies in my party to swoon over.

With Edward gone, the crew continues filming reaction shots. This time? A close up on Jane who stares ominously where Edward is supposed to be. Notably, Fanning looks almost unrecognizable in her Volturi outfit. She's stunningly beautiful looking more and more like a ready to graduate senior in high school rather than the sophomore she really is. Notably though, at least on the days we were on set, Jane says nothing. And sadly, Fanning did not speak to us during our time there.

And as we soon discovered, any hope of talking to Pattinson was a pointless exercise. We didn't expect Stewart to say hello, but we held out hope that Edward would take a few minutes to answer questions. Ironically, there was no outlet amongst our group that would have treaded the celebrity-gossip ground he no doubt feared discussing, but, hey, it happens.

Before we left, however, we did get a chance to talk to Cameron Bright, who plays Jane's twin brother Alec. Bright, a striking looking British Columbian teenager, has made a name for himself with impressive performances in films such as "Birth," "Running Scared," X-Men: The Last Stand" and "Ultraviolet." He admits he'd never read the books, but made sure he watched the first film before arriving on set.

"A lot of people were saying like, it was half and half. All the guys were saying it was bad, and all the girls were saying it was good," Bright reveals. "I actually liked it, I didn’t mind it at all."

Having only begun shooting a few days before, Bright honestly couldn't answer a lot of our questions, but was looking forward to using Alec's special power to cut off people's senses -- an ability arguably more deadline than his sister's inclination to inflict pain. Bright admits it's a little "weird."

"I say, 'Ha! You’re blind!' all of a sudden," Bright says. "It's definitely a cool power. Especially Jane’s, right? She just kind of makes people feel pain all of a sudden? All I know is one of my friends is like, 'You’re of the strongest, and you’re one of the meanest.' I’m fine with that! Everybody likes the guy to hate!"

Bright will soon learn even the villains have fans among the "Twilight" faithful and he's in for a publicity roller coast ride he'll never forget. You can read more of our converstation with Bright here.

And with that, our time on the Vancouver set of "New Moon" was over. Will we get the opportunity to watch production of "Eclipse" this fall? Unclear, but after what we viewed for "New Moon," this writer is definitely game.

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Nombre de messages : 38566
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Age : 37
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MessageSujet: Re: [Revue de presse] Visite sur le tournage de New Moon (part 1 & 2) -   Lun 20 Juil - 19:19

Bon je m'y mets LOL

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Nombre de messages : 38566
Date d'inscription : 13/03/2009
Age : 37
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MessageSujet: Re: [Revue de presse] Visite sur le tournage de New Moon (part 1 & 2) -   Lun 20 Juil - 19:56

2ème journée de visite sur le plateau de New Moon

By Gregory Ellwood

Après avoir vu de plus près les décors de New Moon le 1er jour, cette 2ème journée n'est pas très différente.

Alors que nous nous dirigions vers un des plateaux, les acteurs principaux étaient à nouveau sur les écrans de contrôle jouant des scènes supplémentaires de la rencontre avec les Volturi. Et semblable à un emère regardant avec fierté ses enfants, Stephenie Meyer savourait chaque moment.

Petit retour en arrière pour ceux qui n'ont pas lu la 1ère partie – Les Volturi sont des anciens vampires qui forment la famille la plus puissance du monde "Twilight". Ils sont dirigés par Aro (Michael Sheen) et comptent dansleurs sinistres rangs Jane (Dakota Fanning), Alec (Cameron Bright) et Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower) . Ils aimeraient que les Cullen, dont notre héros Edward (Robert Pattinson), se joignent à eux, mais au lieu de ça ils se trouvent au milieu d'un quiproquo entre Edward et Bella (Kristen Stewart) dans le nouveau film. Ils arrivent à la fin de "New Moon" et auront un rôle clé dans Eclipse et au delà. Oh, avons nous mentionné le fait que Bella veuille devenir une vampire ?

La 1ère prise de ce matin montre Pattinson dans une longue cape marron avec des broderies en or sur les manches. Il court vers la caméra, lève les yeux, se tord de douleur et tombe sur le sol. Dans la 2ème prise on sent plus l'agonie dans sa voix alors qu'il tombe, on entend le réalisateur Chris Weitz dire : "Mieux, c'est bien mieux". Dans la 3 ème prise on revoit la scène avec Bella à ses côtés avant qu'il ne fonce vers ce qui doit être un Volturi (nous découvrirons que c'est Jane ) et il tombe sur le sol.

Après quelques minutes, ils changent l'angle de la caméra et nous la voyons -dans la même scène - torturant Edward. Ou,i elle est la cause de sa douleur et elle le fait avec un seul geste et sans prononcer un seul mot. Une puissante vampire...

La production a beaucoup à faire aujourd'hui, donc on passe à un gros plan sur Bella qui est tenue par Alec pour l'empêcher de voler au secours d'Edward.

"Arrêtez s'il vous plait," dit Stewart, "Ne lui faites pas de mal."

Tout d'abord, pendant la répétition, durant laquelle on installe les caméras , Stewart dit son texte de manière comique ce qui cause des fous rires chez les techniciens. Mais quand on fait la prise pour de vrai, elle y met le bon ton dramatique. On voit aussi Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) que l'on autorise à aller aux côtés d'Edward. Elle lui dit qu'il est "OK."

Alors que Weitz parle aux acteurs de la prochaine scène, nous prenons le temps de parler à un nouveau venu Christopher Heyerdahl qui incarne Marcus, membre des Volturi. Le rôle est un grand changement pour l'acteur Britannique mais il semble zen. Il nous a parlé d'une scène de flashback qu'il a tourné dans laquelle Aro et le Dr. Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli) concluent un traité de paix entre les deux parties au 18ème siècle. Les autres personnes présentes semblent surprises par le fait que cette scène soit présente dans le film et ils en ont beaucoup discuté.

Puis il se passa quelque chose d'assez étrange. Ce journaliste a déjà été sur plus d'une trentaine de plateaux cinéma et n'a jamais vécu ce qui suit. Un assistant de la production est sorti du couloir des Volturi et a annoncé "Tous les invités quittent le plateau." Et ça n'incluait pas Mme Meyer, ses amis ou les gens de Summit qui étaient face aux écrans de contrôle, il voulait dire nous, la presse. Donc sans se plaindre nous avons quitté le plateau suivi de Wyck Godfrey, le producteur du film avec qui nous avions parlé la veille, qui je le cite , a dit textuellement : "Parfois des choses comme ça arrive sur un plateau."

Euh oui ça arrive mais pas quand la presse est là.

Je ne vais pas spéculer sur la cause de notre éviction, mais c'est étrange. Et tandis que nous étions dehors, nous avons eu la chance de discuter avec le gentil Mr. Bower, que les gens connaissent en tant que Anthony dans "Sweeney Todd". Bower, qui a aussi la chance d'être Gellert Grindelwald dans le dernier "Harry Potter et les reliques de la mort" fumait sa cigarette et nous a livré une interview joviale.

"Comme dans le livre, les Volturi ont un rôle mineur mais primordial dans le film," nous a dit Bower. "Ils seront plus présents dans le 4ème film". J'incarne le colérique Caius. Des regards éclatants. Ce sera comme dans les livres."

Caius, au grand regret de Bower, n'a pas de pouvoir et cela le frustre.

Fort heureusement on nous a rapidement autorisés à retourner sur le plateau. A ce moment, avec son équipe et les gens responsable de la publicité, Meyer met un point d'honneur à venir nous parler. Nous n'avons pas pu l'interviewer (ses managers sont assez intelligents pour limiter ses interviews) et elle ne pouvait pas ne pas venir nous saluer. Elle a aussi admis qu'elle avait consulté tous les sites sauf celui de HitFix, mais cela a changé les semaines qui ont suivi cette rencontre. Nous avons aussi découvert que c'était une de ses rares visites sur le tournage de "New Moon" et qu'elle n'avait pas été là tout au long de la production. Meyer a aussi dit qu'elle était ravie de la réalisation de Weitz et qu'elle était plus que ravie de l'antre des Volturi.

Retour sur les caméras, Stewart/Bella est une fois de plus le centre de toutes les attention. Avec Pattinson toujours à terre cloué par la douleur en Edward, elle redit son texte : "Arrêtez ! Arrêtez. Essayez sur moi. Ne lui faites pas de mal !"

Il y a une pause et elle peut rire : "Je me suis un peu perdue".

Le rire des techniciens montre qu'il y a un peu de tension depuis ce qui s'est passé il y moins d'une heure. Cependant , Stewart donne enfin satisfaction à Weitz quelques prises plus tard et ils passent à la prochaine scène.

Montrer de l'action n'est pas toujours une vie glamour, la prochaine prise montre une fois de plus Pattinson à terre (il y est depuis plus de 2 heures ) se tordant de douleur tandis que Alice lève les yeux et dit : "Il va bien". Pendant de nombreuses prises. La douleur de Pattinson est enfin capturée et on l'autorise à retourner dans sa caravane, son torse visible, ce qui risque de faire s'évanouir les femmes présentes.

Avec le départ d' Edward, l'équipe continue de filmer les réaction des différents personnages. Qui est ce cette fois ci ? Gros plan sur Jane qui regarde là où est censé être Edward. A noter que Fanning est méconnaissable dans ses vêtements de Volturi. Elle est de plus en plus belle et on dirait de plus en plus qu'elle va avoir son diplôme de fin d'année et non l'élève de seconde qu'elle est. A noter aussi que les jours où nous étions là sur le plateau, Jane n'a rien dit. Et malheureusement, Fanning ne nous a pas parlé pendant notre visite.

Comme nous l'avons rapidement découvert, aucun espoir de discuter avec Pattinson. Nous n'espérions pas avoir un bonjour de Stewart, juste quelques minutes avec Edward pour répondre à nos questions. Aucun des journalistes présents ne faisant partie de journaux people, il n'aurait pas eu à répondre à des questions gênantes.

Avant notre départ nous avons eu toutefois la chance de parler avec Cameron Bright, qui incarne le jumeau de Jane, Alec. Bright, un beau jeune homme originaire de British Columbia, s'est fait un nom grâce à ses prestations époustouflantes dans "Birth," "Running Scared", "X-Men: The Last Stand" et "Ultraviolet." Il admet ne jamais avoir lu les livres, mais a vu le 1er film avant d'arriver sur le plateau.

"Beaucoup de personnes avaient des opinions divergentes. Les mecs détestaient et les filles adoraient" révèle Bright. "En fait moi j'ai aimé. Rien ne m'a gêné."

Ayant débuté le tournage il n'y a que quelques jours, Bright ne pouvait pas répondre à nos questions, mais était impatient d'utiliser les pouvoirs d'Alec (priver les gens de leurs sens) - un pouvoir discutable plus que celui de sa sœur d'infliger des tortures. Bright admet que c'est un peu "étrange".

"Tout à coup je dis : 'ah tu es aveugle'" dit Bright. "Il est vraiment cool ce pouvoir. En particulier celui de Jane, non ? Elle peut torturer d'un seul coup quelqu'un. Tout ce que je sais c'est qu'un de mes amis m'a dit 'Tu es le plus fort et le plus cruel'. Ça me va ! Tout le monde aime détester le méchant !"

Bright apprendra rapidement que les fans de "Twilight" aiment les méchants et qu'il sera bientôt sur un grand huit face aux médias.

Et voici notre visite de "New Moon" qui s'achève. Aurons nous la possibilité de voir le tournage de "Eclipse" cet automne ? Pas sûr mais après avoir vu ce que nous avons vu sur "New Moon," la chasse est ouverte.

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[Revue de presse] Visite sur le tournage de New Moon (part 1 & 2) -
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