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 Le panel Comic con 2009

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Date d'inscription : 12/03/2009

MessageSujet: Re: Le panel Comic con 2009   Ven 24 Juil - 0:46

jenyamato Chris Weitz at New Moon Comic-Con panel: his last film was a "terrible" experience, but this one's great (last one being Golden Compass)

jenyamato Shirtless Jacob Black scene at New Moon Comic-Con panel played well with fans. Taylor keeps making references to being shirtless in film

RobPattzNews Chris W: Book expands from the 1st to the 2nd Key was to keep that all cohereent & faithful to the book Make something grand and beautiful

2:43 Stephen Johnson: Rob: the camera movement is moer fluid in the new movie. So even the fight scene I'm in at the end is balletic.

2:44 Stephen Johnson: Taylor: When we were making Twilight, we didn't know the reaction we were going to get. So we're really thankful for the reaction we got.

2:45 Stephen Johnson: The cast here is definitely stressing that the new movie will stick close to the book. Twilight fans are notorious for stressing the importance of this!
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Date d'inscription : 12/03/2009

MessageSujet: Re: Le panel Comic con 2009   Ven 24 Juil - 0:50

RobPattzNews Rob: Edward's whole character is about restraint, so I always found it difficult to move as the character.

RobPattzNewsRob: the camera movement is moer fluid in the new movie. So even the fight scene I'm in at the end is balletic.

RobPattzNews Rob: So in the new movie, a lot of the shots are set up so that I can move as little a possible. The camera moves more often.

jenyamato Alice and Bella scene being shown NOW!!

2:46 Stephen Johnson: Ashley says she was more comfortable in her own skin in this movie. A lot less nervous... She says the fans have really embraced them.

2:46 Stephen Johnson: Chris Weitz is going to show another scene! The fans go insane.
2:47 Stephen Johnson: The scene: Alice and Bella racing to save Edward. You remember that scene right?

2:47 Stephen Johnson: First time this footage has been shown outside of the editing room,.
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Date d'inscription : 12/03/2009

MessageSujet: Re: Le panel Comic con 2009   Ven 24 Juil - 0:50

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Date d'inscription : 12/03/2009

MessageSujet: Re: Le panel Comic con 2009   Ven 24 Juil - 0:52

letter2twilight The big reveal!! Shirtless edward!

KaddieCullen omg they showed rob shirtless

letter2twilight No extented cast must be at the movie screenings tonight. Panel is over. Amazing.

2:49 Stephen Johnson: The onscreen appearance of Edward (taking off his shirt, natch, destroys all decorum and civility in the room. It's roar of epic proportions to end the panel. The fans literally rush the stage... There is no riot, however.

2:50 Stephen Johnson: And thus ends the Summit panel. I hope you enjoyed.
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Date d'inscription : 12/03/2009

MessageSujet: Re: Le panel Comic con 2009   Ven 24 Juil - 0:53

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Date d'inscription : 12/03/2009

MessageSujet: Re: Le panel Comic con 2009   Ven 24 Juil - 0:56

spunk_ransom new scene of bella running to edward, shirt off... rob watching it looked very flustered and uncomfortable. panel over

spunk_ransom It's was incredible!

spunk_ransom The audience did really well. I'm extremely proud to call myself a Twilight fan today! Thanks everyone!
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Date d'inscription : 12/03/2009

MessageSujet: Re: Le panel Comic con 2009   Ven 24 Juil - 0:57

Comic-Con: 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' panel live blog

By Hanh Nguyen

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" panel at Comic-Con is arguably the most buzzed-about, yet difficult to attend panel this year.

If you didn't camp out overnight or have press access (like Zap2it), you probably had no way of getting into spacious Hall H for the panel.

Luckily, we're here to (try) and live blog as much of the action as possible. Enjoy!

2:02 p.m. - Oh my God. They're here!
Director Chris Weitz anyway.

Ashley Greene (Alice), Kristen Stewart (Bella), Taylor Lautner (Jacob) and yes, Edward Cullen himself, Rob Pattinson arrive. Oddly enough, the screaming is at a minimum. My ears are intact.

Ashley - It's her first time here, so it's been "incredible."

To the screams of "Take your shirt off!" Taylor answers about transforming: "He changes mentally and emotionally ... the hardest part was physically. I worked really hard to transform his body ... I hope you guys are pleased when you see the results."

Not a lot of fans are digging Kristen Stewart's Joan Jett hair. Yeah, let's move on to Rob. His hair's great.

He's smiling and charming (of course) answering something about special effects. But wait, they're saying they brought something for us here? Could it be a new scene? A trailer? A pony?

Ah, it's clip! And yes, TAYLOR LAUTNER TAKES HIS SHIRT OFF in it.

Whew. Excuse me as I cool myself off with a soda. The temperature in this room has ridden to global warming levels. Oh, and get my hearing back.

Okay, here's a rundown of the clip: It's the scene where Jacob teaches Bella to ride a motorcycle. Of course, ghostly Edward (as the voice in her head) makes some pale-faced appearances as she rides. After she crashes and gets all bloody, that's when the magic happens: Jacob plays nurse and rips --okay, not really -- takes his shirt off showing off a six-pack plus magnum abs. I couldn't hear any dialog after that.

The fan Q&A portion is sort of weird: One asks about Rob being funny. His response: "One of my legs is shorter than the other one, so I can look like an idiot,"

Annoyingly during this whole time, a cameraman is blocking my view of the panel. Grr.

Good question: Did Kristen ride on a real motorcycle? No, she only rode on a rig. And she doesn't want to ride a real one.

Will Rob ever do open mic nights again? "I'd love to do it again, but it'd be like cutting a record if I do it now" (because everyone would record it and sell it, right?)

A mention of the "New Moon" trailer fan reaction videos. Director Weitz is highly amused or "tickled" by it. "Some of them are very intense in their reactions, and I wouldn't want to get them angry."
He jokes about doing a reaction video to the fan reaction videos.

Difference between shooting in Vancouver and Portland (for "Twilight")? Ashley Greene is really kind of adorable in pink. Taylor says it's not as fun "wearing no clothes there." Okay, now he's just fishing for screams.

Oh, and just so you know, Kristen, Rob and Taylor are still wearing their casual clothes from the earlier press conference.

How was it filming half-naked in Vancouver in that weather?

Taylor: "It was quite cold ... we did this scene where it was raining. We used raintower rain from the wells. It was so cold. I was only wearing jean shorts ... 12 hours. It was hard, but I was doing it all for you guys."

Ooh, Deborah was a lucky lady who got to play an extra in Italy. That would have been awesome. She asks their favorite moments shooting there. Kristen kind of rambles. Rob says it's "eerily" like he pictured it.

What are they looking forward to in upcoming films? Taylor at first talks about the "heighth" (sic) of the love triangle, but then adds, 'The sleeping bag scene." You're not the only one!

Oh, this is hilarious. Kristen is looking forward to being pregnant, and Rob is looking forward to helping in the Cesarean. Okay, that's kind of gross. But funny. That's why we like Rob. He's offbeat.

Injuries on set? Kristen - sprained ankle. No deaths. Good to know. You know, Weitz is actually gaining fans. "Taylor did every single stunt that he was allowed to do [by insurance companies]. Rob just stood there looking good, really."

Finally, a Volturi question! Ashley says it's fun to work with the cast in general, and the "new kids" got along too. Okay, we wanted more detail than that.

A dude asks Taylor about his workout regimen: "The thing that I found was that I put on some weight, then I started losing weight ... I was over-working myself. I was burning more calories than I was taking in. Whenever I would break a sweat, my trainer would have me break and relax. Kristen would tease me about that a lot." He gives a shout out to his trainer Jordan Yong (sp?), who would wake him up with protein shakes. "Dude, I'm sleeping."

One dude asks about how it is to play Edward ...Rob answers with a convoluted analogy about walking on the street and stepping on a stone that flies away. The fans next to me are perplexed, but are okay with him just looking fine.

Taylor tried to do Native American research about kids his age, but he discovers, wow, "They're just like me" because one kid told him about checking out girls when he's at the beach. But he does actually speak a Quileute line in "New Moon."

Rob is awkward, and has his hand in his shirt collar, tucked behind his neck. He's laughing so much and is goofy, but he discusses the fight scene in the end, which was more fluid this time around.

More about the increased size and scope of "New Moon": Taylor thanks the fans again. "We were more confident because we know we have you behind us. I would be lying if I said I never got nervous because we want to please you."

Every girl here loves that line.

Angsty Kristen of course loves this film: "I played an insane person." More rambling.

Director Weitz says there's one more scene where Alice and Bella are rushing moment while I watch.


I kid you not. The "New Moon" folks found a way to give us both shirtless Taylor AND shirtless Rob. Can we die happy now?

Clip #2: At the end of "New Moon," Bella and Alice are riding in a sweet yellow Porsche (that's what it was, right?) in Italy, rushing to stop Edward from revealing himself in the light of day so that the Volturi will get angry and kill him (since he believes Bella is dead, he's sacrificing himself).

Kristen, looking properly Bella in the clip gets out of the car and runs through a bunch of red hooded and cloaked people to the area where a slow motion-moving Edward appears in a black buttoned-down shirt, which he's oh-so-slowly unbuttoning. Bella is running like a madwoman to get to him on time, and bit by bit, we see more of his pale white torso, revealing that he too has a nice set of abs for your laundry needs.

Just as he gets to the last button and is about to shrug out of his shirt, the clip cuts to the movie logo. Denied!!!

That's all folks. I wouldn't be surprised if those two clips will be made available soon. Keep an eye out for it!
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Age : 37
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MessageSujet: Re: Le panel Comic con 2009   Ven 24 Juil - 18:04

Comic-Con: La présentation de New Moon' en live blog

By Hanh Nguyen

La présentation de New Moon" panel au Comic-Con est sans conteste le moment le plus attendu mais aussi le plus difficile auquel j'ai assisté.

Si vous n'avez pas campé toute la nuit ou si vous n'avez pas un badge de la presse (comme Zap2it), vous n'aviez sans doute aucune chance de vous glisser dans la salle H.

Heureusement nous sommes là et nous faisons un compte rendu en live autant que possible

14:02 - Oh mon dieu. Ils sont là ! Le réalisateur Chris Weitz , Ashley Greene (Alice), Kristen Stewart (Bella), Taylor Lautner (Jacob) et oui Edward Cullen lui même, Rob Pattinson arrive. Étrangement les cris sont à leur minimum. Mes oreilles sont intactes.

Ashley – C'est notre 1ère fois ici donc c'est "incroyable"

Aux cris qui disent "Enlève ta chemise !" Taylor répond en parlant de sa transformation : "Il change mentalement et émotionnellement ... le plus difficile fut physiquement. J'ai travaillé dur pour transformer son corps... J'espère que vous serez ravis quand vous verrez le résultat."

Peu de fans font attention aux cheveux de Kristen Stewart /Joan Jett. Oui passons à Rob ! Rob !Ses cheveux sont super.

Il sourit et est charmant (bien entendu) répondant à une question sur les effets spéciaux. Mais attendez, ils disent avoir apporté quelque chose de spécial avec eux ? Une nouvelle scène ? Un trailer ? Un poney ?

Ah, c'est un clip ! Et oui Taylor enlève sa chemise dedans.

Waouh. Excusez moi. Je me rafraichis avec un soda. La température dans la salle est montée d'un cran. Et je retrouve mon ouïe.

Ok voici un résumé des scènes : c'est la scène où Jacob apprend à Bella à conduire une moto. Bien sûr le fantomatique Edward (une voix dans sa tête) fait son apparition pendant sa ballade. Après qu'elle ait un accident, et qu'elle saigne, c'est là où la magie opère : Jacob joue les infirmières - enfin pas vraiment - il enlève sa chemise pour montrer ses abdominaux. Je n'ai pas pu entendre le dialogue après ça

Les questions/réponses des fans sont étranges : l'un demande à rob d'être marrant . Sa réponse: "J'ai une jambe plus courte que l'autre donc j'ai l'air d'un idiot"

Embêtant tout le long, un cameraman me bloque la vue. Grr.

Bonne question : Est ce que Kristen a réellement conduit la moto ? Non, elle ne l'a conduite que sur des rails. Et Elle ne veut pas en faire pour de vrai.

Est ce que Rob fera encore des concerts ? : "J'adorerais faire ça =, mais c'est comme si je coupais un disque" (car tout le monde l'enregistrerait et le vendrait, non ?)

Une mention au sujet du trailer de "New Moon" et de la réaction des fans. Weitz est ravi et excité par ça : "Certains sont très intenses dans leur réactions et je ne voudrais pas les mettre en colère ". Il plaisante en disant qu'il va filmer les réactions des fans.

Les différences entre tourner à Vancouver et Portland (pour "Twilight") ? Ashley Greene est vraiment adorable en rose. Taylor dit que ce n'était pas marrant de ne pas porter de vêtements là bas. Okay, il cherche à susciter les cris.

Oh et il faut que vous sachiez , Kristen, Rob et Taylor portent les même vêtements qu'à la conférence de presse.

Comment était le tournage torse nu à Vancouver ?

Taylor : "C'était froid ... nous avons fait cette scène où il pleut. Nous avons utilisé l'eau des puits. C'était si froid. Je ne portais qu'un short en jean... pendant 12 heures c'était difficile mais j'ai fait ça pour vous."

Ooh, Deborah fut un femme chanceuse qui a été figurante en Italie. Ça aurait été génial. Elle demande quelle fut leur meilleur moment là bas. Kristen baragouine quelque chose. Rob dit que c'était féérique.

Qu'attendent ils des prochains films ? Taylor parle en 1er lieu du triangle amoureux mais il ajoute, 'la scène dans le sac de couchage." Tu n'es pas le seul !

Oh, c'est hilarant. Kristen attend avec impatience d'être enceinte et Rob de l'aider à faire une césarienne. Okay, c'est dégueulasse. Mais rigolo. C'est pour ça qu'on aime Rob. Il est excentrique.

Des blessures sur le plateau ? Kristen – une foulure à la cheville. Pas de mort. Bon à savoir. Weitz a de plus en plus de fans. "Taylor a fait toutes les cascades qu'il a pu [question assurance ]. Rob s'est contenté d'être beau."

Finalement, une question sur les Volturi ! Ashley dit que c'est rigolo de travailler avec de nouvelles personnes Okay, on veut plus de détails.

Un mec pose des questions à Taylor sur son régime: "J'ai pris du poids puis j'en ai perdu... Je travaillais trop. Je brûlais trop de calories. Mon coach me faisait travailler puis me relaxer. Kristen me taquinait beaucoup." Il criait sur son coach Jordan Yong, qui le réveillait avec un milk shake protéiné : "Je dors".

Quelqu'un a posé une question sur incarner le fait d'incarner Edward. Rob répond en utilisant une comparaison : c'est comme marcher dans la rue et marcher sur un pierre qui roule. Les fans à côté de moi sont perplexes, mais sont ravis qu'il soit bien.

Taylor a tenté de faire des recherches sur des Indiens de son âge, mais il a découvert : "Il sont comme moi car un mec m'a dit qu'il faisait attention aux filles sur la plage". Mais il parle Quileute dans un réplique de "New Moon."

Rob est maladroit et a sa main sur le col de sa chemise et la mets sur son cou. Il rit beaucoup, mais il discute de la lutte à la fin du film qui cette fois ci est plus fluide.

Plus d'informations sur l'ampleur de "New Moon" : Taylor remercie les fans à nouveau. "Nous étions plus confiants car vous êtes derrière nous. Je mentirais si je disais que je n'étais pas nerveux car je voulais vous faire plaisir".

Toutes les filles adorent cette réplique

Kristen adore bien sûr ce film : "J'ai joué une personne souffrant de folie." D'autres réponses incompréhensibles.

Weitz dit qu'il y a une autre scène où Alice et Bella font une course contre la montre. Attendez je regarde.


Je ne plaisante pas. Les gars de "New Moon" ont réussi à nous montrer à la fois Rob et Taylor torse nu. On peut mourir heureux ?

Clip #2 : A la fin de "New Moon" Bella et Alice conduisent une Porche jaune en Italie, accourant pour empêcher Edward de se montrer aux rayons du soleil sinon les Volturi seront en colère et le tueront (puisqu'il croit que Bella est morte, il se sacrifie).

Kristen, en Bella dans le clip sort et court à travers une foule en cape rouge vers l'endroit où Edward au ralenti apparait en train de déboutonner sa chemise et il le fait très lentement. Bella court comme une folle pour le rejoindre à temps et petit à petit , vous voyons un peu plus son torse pâle, montrant que lui aussi a de jolis abdos.

Alors qu'il arrive au dernier bouton le clip se termine.

C'est tout . Ça ne m'étonnerait pas que ces 2 clips soient bientôt disponibles. Gardez l'œil !

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MessageSujet: Re: Le panel Comic con 2009   

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Le panel Comic con 2009
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